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May 27, 2022

Our thoughts remain with those who have been impacted by the heartbreaking events in Ukraine, and our top priority has been focused on helping ensure the safety of our employees and their families in the region.

Sportradar has announced its suspension of all new investments in Russia, including signing new customers.

We are continuing to comply with sanctions.

We have created an emergency relief fund to allow the company to provide financial assistance to colleagues and their families who have been adversely impacted by the war in Ukraine, in addition to donating to global charities, the Red Cross and UNICEF, to be used for dedicated humanitarian aid in the impacted region, totaling $1 million. We stand in solidarity with all those who wish for peace and will continue to support those impacted by these tragic events.

With respect to our CEO’s business interests, and as previously reported, over 10 years ago, Carsten Koerl invested in a company that owns a Russian sportsbook, Liga Stavok. He did not have any operational responsibilities or authority in the company. In further response to the current issues, Mr. Koerl has fully divested his interest in the company.